Giant Games

We make life size board games, normally by hand and normally for very very cheap around £40! Which is less than you can buy the game we are enbiggening sometimes!

We do this to add interest to our gaming events, to give us a cool gimmick we also take our giant events to other charity events around the country!

Our first home made game was Molkky, not life size but still awesome.

Our second was Tsuro a tile laying game where you are the playing piece following the track you lay. Made from carpet tiles, spray paint it plays really well by effectively the orginal rules (you have two tiles in your hand not three as they are heavy) by being in the game rather than looking down on the board the game is about twice as hard and twice as fun!

Our third was Terror in Meeple City, you are a monster knocking down a city! This has 6 foot building and monster costumes! We managed to keep about 80% of the core rules and actually made the game much more accessible. This took over 100 hours of labour including graphic designers and costume makers.

We are currently making Hey that’s my fish, another tile laying game similar to Tsuro but more tactical and aggressive, we should be able to keep all the rules!

Lots of lovely photos to come!