Mega Charity Day May 18th 2019

The day was a huge success! The facebook gallery is here, we’ll be updating this page shortly including a debrief and total fund raised £1680! £2245 with gift aid)

For a year total £3346 (with gift aid)

Photos here

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CHARITY | Play games, have fun and raise money for mental health charity Herefordshire Mind.

Donation page here

Herefordshire Board Gamers are running their Fifth, annual, charity board game event on 18th May 2019 – 11am until late at the core 12 hours of gaming!

Information on prizes and bidding here

Everyone is welcome, even if you haven’t played a card or board game for years. Modern board games come in all shapes and sizes; whether it’s a 10-minute game full of bluffing and laughter or a lengthy strategy game complete with lots of decisions.

Why not go along and let the experts teach you a new game or even bring along a nostalgic classic to share? If you have fond memories of Risk, Pokémon or Rummy, or even if you’re an Angry Birds addict these guys and girls can probably find a board game to scratch that itch.

Please check out the website at for lots more information on this wonderful, fun and educational hobby. It’s a great way to connect with friends and family and get away from screens!Donations welcome here (TO COME)

Suggested £5 donation to Herefordshire Mind . All proceeds to charity. Venue kindly donated by the core

Many of the best board and card games aren’t available on the high street so you may not have heard of them, if you want to learn more we’ll have friendly games teachers on hand to get you started, or bring along your favorite classics and enjoy the nostalgia.

We have raised around £1750 last year and £500 the years before and want to raise even more this year!

Previous events 

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