Charity Fund raising history

I think we are in the top five game clubs in the UK for charity fundraising and our May event is the Top five dedicated gaming charity events. We have stiff competition and may well be knocked off our perch as lots more charity gaming events are happening, which is awesome! We are likely one of the longest running charity events too.

A brief view of our fund raising history. (Our years run July – July) the majority comes from our main May charity day, and over the last two years from our 24 hour game a thon, supplements from our minor charity days and merchandise sales.

£6000 raised for Mind in the last three years!

2018 to 2019 £3346 (with gift aid)

£1678 raised on our Mega charity day (£2245 with gift aid)

2017 to 2018: £1750 Mind, (£1250 from the main event £250 from the 24 hour game-a-thon, rest from minor events and merchandise)

2016 to 2017 £500 Mind

2016 £500 NSPCC

2015 Just under £500 NSPCC