Free Lending library grown by 50% Now 77 titles

We’ve 77 titles to lend out for free! Even if you need to take them into isolation with you, that’s fine!

I’ve just (temporarily) moved 27 games from my private collection into the lending pool. The library is made of donations by Big Potato Games, stuff by Bez and private individuals and a good chunk of my game collection.

The link to it is Also here for a more user friendly view

A video of two thirds of our library is here

The scheme itself isn’t fully developed but we can arrange pick up or a kind member has offered to deliver. We can quarantine games should we swap them out mid isolation. We will ask for a small deposit as it’s over £1500 worth of games in the library and we want to keep them safe.

I hope every one is doing ok.

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Our free lending library is unofficially open

Our free game library is looking impressive! 50 plus games to lend for free! (We ask for a security deposit)

There are some logistics to work out but here is a sneak peak. If you would like to borrow any please let us know.

Big thanks to Big Potato and Oink Games inc. and Stuff By Bez for helping to fill it.

What is awesome in our trials everyone has had fun and in a lot of cases went onto buy a game(s) with confidence. Try before you buy!

There are so many games out there it can be hard to know what is good. This is another way for us to share our hobby and safe social activities for free.

The list is here, we are working on more marketing materials

Happy gaming all! watch this space

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