Birthday Party and charity game day on Saturday

On Saturday Herefordshire Board Gamers will be three.

We are having a charity game day with cake to celebrate.

It will be our relaxed charity game day with cake, and a small raffle and play test.

As ever we’ll have a bring and buy, games library and this time a demo game of necromunda!

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AGM July 13th 7pm

AGM 7pm July 13th.

Chair : Ad Best
Vice chair: Elaine Best
Secretary: Nathan O’Grady
Treasurer: Michael Mikado McCulloch
Public relations: Emma Bardo
Diversity/ Child Protection: Emily Beavan

1) Welcome
2) Apologies
3) Presentation of Annual Report
4) Adoption of Annual Report
5) Treasurers report
6) Adoption of Treasurers report
7) Election of officers
8) Any other business.

A few notes:
There are no previous minutes
No one is stepping down or standing for new roles currently. Please let me know asap if you are interested.

I will try and make it short and sweet and will post the reports here afterwards.

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Recruiting for Role play games

Join us on facebook or message us, we are starting to put together some RPG one shots. Currently we are planning on a mix of systems including Cthulhu, Dungeons and Dragons and others.

This is also a great chance to try being a dungeon master!

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Charity game day gallery is live! We raised over £1500

Facebook gallery is up.

We will be updating Flickr which these images this weekend.

Flickr includes tagging of photographs so it is easier to search, we have over 500 pictures of games and gaming on flickr so do show you friends and family what modern games and gaming actually look like!

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