Free family game night, virtual or otherwise

How to run a free family game nights virtual or otherwise. This will work over the internet, in the same room or even if one person wants or needs to be in a different part of the house or a combination of all

Each player needs a device phone, laptops or PC.
A shared screen everyone can see, gather round a big TV or stream over a free service like Discord
(or both have some people at home and some online. )
Total cost Zero (hopefully)

1) Download / Open Steam (Free) and get Drawful 2 for free.  
(Other Jackbox games are available and they work across a huge range of platforms including Firestick and Switch)

2) Start Drawful, you will see a four digit room code. 

3) Share your screen, either everyone looks at the TV or you can use a free chat service like discord where you go live or Skype, zoom.

4) Everyone navigates to on a browser on their device and enters the four digit code.

5) Set ground rules, Is this family friend or are drawings of willies allowed and if any topics are too sensitive. 

No Ducks

6) Play and have fun.

Now you have a system set up investigate other Jackbox games or games you can run by sharing your screen or using a web camera. is also free, it’s a real time hangman style game, you don’t need a shared screen so it easier to play, you can still also combine it with a voice chat for added social

A more detailed guide is here

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Our first virtual game night was a blast

We had around 17 players join us and often had two rooms of Jackbox on the go. Very few technical issues that i noted and lots of laughs were had albeit with some dark humour… 🙂  Join us on Sunday for more.

Give us lots of feedback, we will run more online sessions but please remember our platforms are here for you to arrange your own game nights online or otherwise (eventually)

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Free stuff ish

During these interesting times, companies are stepping up and giving stuff away for free. I will update this post as I find more!

I will list what i can here.
Jackbox.TV Drawfull 2 Free

Half price apps (with half to charity) Galaxy Trucker and Roll through the ages. (both amazing games)

Free print and play games (some are always free, other lines have been made free including

Chamelion app by Big potato. Team social deducation game

Steam board game, free this weekend, Between two castles

Free roll and write game from Jamey Stegmaier

Asomodee digital apps some free some heavily reduced

Frostgrave rules for free

Greenmangames, Jackbox games on offer

Free games every so often (not covid related)

Quiz game free – Mr lister quiz shootout by Big Potato Games

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Game day cancelled!

The event will not officially run today.
Locals are welcome to attend with games but there will be no official event and we are unable to attend.

Keep safe all and keep an eye on your neighbours.

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Charity events for the next 12 months!

Charity Events! 12 hours of relaxed gaming, games library, friendly teachers, great open atmosphere. All welcome new games and old.

Best of all October 19th is at an accessible venue, we are back at Mind HQ, it’s slightly smaller and doesn’t have a bar or catering, but good news it’s accessible and you can bring your own food and drink! Every penny from these events go to Herefordshire Mind


Saturday 19th October
Saturday 9th November
Sunday 26th January
Sunday March 29th
Saturday 16th and 17th May (Mega charity day)
Saturday 4th July (Birthday party)

Also new this year three all day Sundays! Our last Sunday was awesome so we are putting on more.
Also also new our mega charity day is now a two day event, you can play for 12 hours on both Saturday and Sunday!

Our Sunday monthly events are accessible at the Beer in Hand, unfortunately the Ancient Grade 2 listed Herdsman isn’t.

Saturday 19th October
Saturday 9th November
Sunday 26th January
Sunday March 29th
May 16th and 17th Mega Charity day
Saturday 4th July Birthday Party

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