Recruiting for Role play games

Join us on facebook or message us, we are starting to put together some RPG one shots. Currently we are planning on a mix of systems including Cthulhu, Dungeons and Dragons and others.

This is also a great chance to try being a dungeon master!

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Charity game day gallery is live! We raised over £1500

Facebook gallery is up.

We will be updating Flickr which these images this weekend.

Flickr includes tagging of photographs so it is easier to search, we have over 500 pictures of games and gaming on flickr so do show you friends and family what modern games and gaming actually look like!

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Our Prize Pool! Online donations / raffles / auction bids accepted

Gallery of our 2019 prize pool!

You can buy tickets at £1 by donating below, let me know which of the four raffle pools you are interested in (not the general raffle).

To place a bid on the auction please post on facebook, or message me or email let me know your bid and which of the 7 auctions. You can pay via the donation page should you win.

Facebook link here (bids here please)

Flickr Link for photos of items

Online bids for DEDICATED Raffles (not general) Online sales until midnight on the 17th May 2019 Auction Online bid until 5pm on 18th May 2019

(The banners are videos please click to watch)

Herefordshire Board Gamers 2019
Everythings Won

2019 Raffle And Auction Prizes

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Subject to change and terms and conditions. Auctions will have a fixed reserve and if they don’t sell, each item will be added to the bring and buy, anything not sold will roll over to the next event. Value is cost to buy not RRP! So the RRP of these packs is 40% or more higher in a lot of cases.

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Our wonderful sponsors

We are up to 28 sponsors and nearly £1500 worth of prizes!

Here is the list as it stands! Please give them a like (I’ve also posted this on twitter if that is your thing)

Game related

Asmodee UK
Big Potato
Calliope Games
Chaos Cards
Coiledspring Games
Czech Games Edition
Mantic Games
Meeples’ Corner
Stuff By Bez

Food / Drink
Madam & Adam
Golden Fleece, Hereford
Franks Luxury Biscuits
The Wobbly Brewing and Events Ltd
Wye Valley Brewery
A Rule of Tum Burger Shop Limited

Battlelands Paintball Herefordshire
Breakout Cardiff
Escape Rooms Cardiff
Left Bank Village

Fraser Painting
Jay Illustrations
Bateson’s lizards and salamander incorporated

Friends of Castle Green
The Core

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Charity prizes are flowing in!

39 brand new games
9 pre loved games

Our charity prizes are flowing in, we’ve still over a month to go!

Please share our event far and wide 🙂

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The list of sponsors so far!

Breakout Cardiff
Escape Rooms Cardiff
Big Potato
Mantic Games
Coiledspring Games
Stuff by Bez
Calliope Games
Asmodee UK
Jay Illustrations
The Golden Fleece
Madam & Adam

New this year Escape room vouchers and Art commissions. We are working on having a range of games, game related items as well as other things like food and event vouchers.

Last year we did model painting comissions which went down really well too.

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2 months to go!

It’s two months to go to our main charity day, the work has stepped up a gear and we are reaching out to games shops, publishers and other similar businesses for prizes and to help share our event.

Phase 2 will be local businesses, if you can help please get in touch

Also a reminder April 14th is our first all day sunday game which replaces the 21st for this month only.

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