Gift buying guides and thank yous!

Christmas gift buying guides. We have lots of guides on our website. Here is a list of next steps of classic games.

This is a list of begineers games and some tips for buying games

Also consider borrowing some games from us for over the christmas period. These lists /guides probably need updating so we welcome any input or suggestions.

Just one is a great social game, Telestrations / Scrawl and timelines works amazingly welll with large groups and non gamers. A few more gift game guides…/page/Board_Game_Gift_Guide_2019

This is a great price comparison site for buying games Also do consider buying from our sponsors, those who have donated games for our charity events.

Big Potato Coiledspring Games Asmodee UK Calliope Games Chaos Cards Czech Games Edition Mantic Games Meeples’ Corner Stuff By Bez The Board Game Hut Duke’s Gaming Pegasus Hobbies & Games Thanks All.  (I will add links to thier websites on an edit! Running out of time as ever!)

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Thought of the day, learning games and being new

You don’t get get good at any hobbies straight away. First time you play golf, drive, learn a language you won’t be excellent at it straight away. Hopefully you enjoy the process of learning, enjoy the experience and the group of people you are learning with. You have an end goal in mind.

We love sharing our hobby, teaching people new games and showing them new things. Providing a free social safe space. We try hard to make sure our events are inclusive and supportive. Sometimes we don’t have enough teachers or the game may not be 100% your cup of tea.

No photo description available.

Do your best, have fun, enjoy the experience, don’t expect to win your first games, us game teachers don’t expect to win either we are too busy teaching! Our mutual aim is to be have fun and all players at the the table can contribute to that.

The point of this message is, if you try a new game or pop along to an event for the first time and you don’t quite get the game. That’s fine, let us know and we’ll do our best to find a more suitable game or explain things again. Set your expectations to enjoy the experience, try new things.

There are also 1000s of games out there, I personally don’t like extrovert charade style games, it may take a while to find what kind of games you love. Give it some time.

We love seeing people come back time and time again, master games and enjoy learning new games, even getting confident to teach newer players.

We are very lucky to have new faces most weeks, most come back, some don’t which is fine, but we don’t want to fail you. So please give us feedback, ideas and comments, we’d love help and support to. We want to improve.

See some of you this evening!

(This is James from My Little Scythe)

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Trialling free games lending library

Sorry Sean you are a wrong and probably about to die (Spoilers) We are going to lend out free games (for a small deposit)

This is still in the development but we have 24 games and a cheque for £250 to add more to lend out! The plan is support our existing gaming and charity events by expanding the games library and allow the lending to provide more free / low cost social events (host your own game night)

Want to try a new game? We got you covered!

Hosting a party or family gathering? We gotcha

Pick and drop off at club nights, leaving a security deposit behind and you simple borrow a few games from us.

How does this sound? What games would you like to see in the library?

We will also be taking donations of games into the library as well and maybe looking to buy suitable second hand games to make the donation go further.

Watch this space! More information and a list of games in the library to come soon. If you are keen to try the new system out please let me know.

The games library currently include Splendor, Colour Brain, Chamelion, Scrawl, Twin it. Wibbell++, In a Bind Junior, Happy salmon, OK play, Insider, Startups, Deep Sea Adventure and Obama Llama.

Massive thanks to Big Potato, Oink Games inc., Stuff By Bez and Dwr Cymru Welsh Water

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Guides and articles! Also website updates

Just a reminder have a range of good ish guides and articles on here. Check them out, share them give us feedback.

How to choose a new game!

Next step from classic games!

How to teach games!

Top Games for pubs and cafes!

How to run a great games night!

Our next guide will be a list of recommended games based on player count and category!


We are also updating the website and creating a new area for our charity work as it is an important part of the club, who we are and what we do. I am also creating galleries and copying across some legacy content from Facebook. So there will be some blank pages as I work on them.

Any feedback on the website is welcome!

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